Printing to a Printer via Follow Me Printing


Problem: I need to be able to print to a printer and make sure the documents are secure until I pick them up.

Resolution: There are a couple methods including Print and Hold and Follow Me. We will address Follow Me Printing in this article.

1. Press the Windows Key + the Letter R on the keyboard. This will bring up the Run box below. Type \\print01\ and hit OK.



2. This will bring up the list of printers as below. Double Click Follow Me to install the Follow Me Printer.


3. When printing, make sure to choose Follow Me. This prints to a Hold queue on the print server and will print to any printer that has a card scanner on it. Just go to the printer you want to print to, scan your public safety badge and the print job will come out at that time. (Print jobs are held in the Hold queue for 24 hours before they are deleted and are secure from any other user on campus).


Happy Secure Printing!

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