Completing Cybersecurity Training


Problem: The cybersecurity training does not show you as complete even though you did it all. 

Resolution: Make sure you complete the following steps so you get your completion status. 

You will know that you are complete when you receive an automated email stating so. Also, when you log into the training program, it shows that you are complete (see the last screenshot below).

Once you finish the last of the four modules, you will see a congratulations message and instructions to click on the "Main Menu" icon which is the four squares. See the image below.


At the main menu, you will see instructions about finishing along the bottom -- click on "Finish" (see below).


Unfortunately, clicking finish is not enough, you have two more steps. Click complete as indicated below. 


Now you must close the browser window and this is the final step (see below).


Shortly after completing these steps, you will get your completion notification in your email. You can also see this status by going to the "My Training" page. You may already have this window open because it is where you launched the training, if not, click on the link in your enrollment email to get there. 


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