Phone Tips and the Extension List


Auto Attendant

As soon as the recording begins, you can say the name of the person or the department you would like to reach. When using a campus phone, dial 0 for the auto attendant. 

Emergency Calls

Dial 911 for emergencies (not 9-911) when using a campus phone. Public Safety will answer and dispatch an officer who is trained in CPR. Further, Public Safety will be able to direct emergency responders to specific locations on campus.

Long Distance Calls

Contact your department for your department’s long distance code. To place a long distance call on a campus phone, dial 9-1-area code-phone number, wait for tone, enter long distance code then #.
Example: 9-1-231-555-1212, tone, 12345, # 

Local Calls

First dial 9 then the phone number (do no include the area code).


Dial 6245 (MAIL) to access your messages followed by your personal security code (if you created one). Pressing 1 skips the automated directions and takes you straight to your first message. Pressing 1 during a message skips to the end. Learn more voicemail shortcuts.

Call Forwarding

  • Busy (Ext & Int Source) **70 + #
  • No Answer (Ext & Int Source)  **71 + #
  • Call Forwarding / Follow Me  *80 + #
  • Cancel Call Forwarding / Follow Me  *89                            
  • Clear All Features    *#*# (on digital phones, follow the prompts on the display) 

In all cases, wait for the dial tone before hanging up to set the feature. 

Phone Extension List

The PDF linked below contains a list of employees with their extensions.

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