EU Account Password Complexity Requirements


Problem: I do not know what the complexity requirements are for EU Account Passwords.

Answer: As of September, 2017 all EU Account Passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • Length: Minimum length of 17 characters
  • Username: Password cannot match or be similar to username
  • History: Password cannot be a repeat of your last 10 passwords
  • Frequency: Password cannot change for than once per day


What NOT to use for a password: “usernameusernameusername”, in this author's case that would be "wooddwooddwooddwo" 

What TO use for a password: “seekfirstthekingdom”, or "itsallaboutbeethoven", or "horsechickencowpig". Only since these are the examples, they will not be secure for you to use. Now we have a password that is fairly easy to remember.



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