Set Account Password Recovery Options


Follow the one-time process below so you can reset your EU password when needed. Evangel University provides staff and faculty the ability to do a self-service password reset. This document explains the one time process that each user will need to follow in order to add a personal email or cell phone (or both) to their account in order to do self-service password resets.



1. Navigate to


2. Sign in with your Evangel Email Address and Password


3. Once signed in, you will have the option to set your personal phone and email address.  Note the EU Logo on the top left and the account you are signed into on the top right of the page.



4. Select "Set it up now" after the phone option and enter your personal cell phone number (standard text message rates apply if that option is chosen)

*If a personal email address only is preferred, you can skip to step 6


5. Once you enter the verification code sent to you the main landing page will show your confirmed cell phone number.



6. Select the "Set it up now" option behind Email to enter a personal email address.



7. You will receive a confirmation email at your personal email address.



8. Once you enter your access code you will see that email address confirmed on the landing page.





Once one or both of the methods are confirmed you will be able to reset your password by following this article. This process only needs to be completed one time on a user account.

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