Printing From a USB Flash Drive on a Canon Printer


The IT1 printer on the first floor of Riggs is available for printing directly from a USB drive. Supported files are .PDF .JPG and .TIFF.

Here's how:


  1. Scan Your Prox to Open the Menu and Press [Access Stored Files] on the Main Menu screen.

  1. Press [Memory Media].

  1. Select the desired memory media.

  • If the USB Device Port-B1 and Multimedia Reader/Writer-A1 are installed, you can use the SD card, Memory Stick, CF card, and Microdrive. For more information, see"Optional Products."
  1. Browse to the level (folder) where the file you want to print is stored.
  1. Select the file that you want to print → press [Print].

If there are seven or more stored files, press [], or [] to scroll through the stored files.

You can select and print multiple files with the same settings if they are in the same file format.

However, you can only print up to six files at a time.

You cannot select and print multiple files if their file formats, such as JPEG and TIFF, are different from each other.

  • The selected files are numbered in the order specified, and are printed in that order.
  • You can cancel a selection by selecting the file again.
  • To cancel all files, press [Clear Selection].
  • When there are two or more files stored in the memory media, you can press [Name] or [Date/Time] to sort the list of files.
  • When you close the memory media after sorting the files, the files will be unsorted the next time you open the memory media.
  • If you press [Name], or [Date/Time] with a file selected, that file is unselected, and the top of the file list is displayed.
  1. If the Select Paper screen is displayed, select the paper source press [OK].

The Select Paper screen is displayed only if you are printing a JPEG or TIFF file.

If you are printing a PDF file, Auto Select Paper is selected.

To change the paper source, see step 3 of "Paper Selection."

  1. Select the print settings on the Print Settings screen.

To change the number of prints, enter the desired number using - (numeric keys).

To print all pages, press [All Pages].

To specify which page to print, press [Specify Pages].

  • You can set paper selection, 2-Sided printing, finishing, and special features on the Print Settings screen.
  1. Press [Start Printing].

If there is a current or reserved print job, the machine will start printing your file after that job is complete.

When printing starts, the following screen appears.

When printing is complete, the display returns to the Memory Media Selection screen.

  • If you notice a difference between the document size specified when scanning originals and the actual print size, you can adjust the print size in [Zoom Fine Adjustment] in Adjustment/Maintenance (Settings/Registration). (See [Zoom Fine Adjustment] in "Settings/Registration Table.")
  • To cancel printing, press [Stop]. (You cannot cancel printing by pressing .)
  • To reserve the next print job, press [Close] → select the mail box containing the file you want to print → select the file → press [Start Printing]. (See "Reserving Jobs.")


9. Eject the USB Drive by Pressing the Eject Button in the Lower Right-Hand Corner of the Screen.

  1. Select the memory media to remove → press [Remove].

  1. Press [OK].

If the message indicating it is OK to remove the memory media is not displayed, repeat steps 2 and 3.

  1. Remove the memory media from the port.
  1. Press [OK].



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