OneDrive for Business Sync Issues


Problem: OneDrive for Business is not synchronizing properly.

Response: OneDrive for Business, the professional version of OneDrive that is tied to our accounts, is known to have issues around file synchronization and has had for some time. While this service is an option for cloud based document storage for EU personnel, the EU IT Department strongly recommends caution at this time.

While uploading documents through the web interface may seem to be relatively reliable, use of the Windows OneDrive for Business Sync Client is known to be unreliable. The most typical issue is that documents do not sync while the user makes changes to documents offline. When the client attempts to synchronize these changes multiple errors and conflicts occur resulting in updated documents on the local device but not in their OneDrive for Business account. Occasionally this results in the client loosing track of which document location is the authoritative version and overriding the wrong copy or sometimes even deleting the file altogether.

Because the OneDrive for Business service is administrated by Microsoft directly, the EU IT Department has a very limited ability to make changes or fixes to this solution. Microsoft has been promising to release a new sync client that will hopefully resolve some of the issues and provide a more stable experience, but we do not have a firm timeline on when all of these issues will be resolved.

At this time the EU IT Department does not recommend the use of OneDrive for Business for Evangel Employees to store EU data.

End-users who choose to use OneDrive for Business can reach out directly to Microsoft Support for assistance if they experience issues. Once logged into your Office 365 account, you can follow the links there to contact the Microsoft HelpDesk.

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