How to Add Users in Rave Alert


Problem: I need to Add a User in Rave Alert

Resolution: Log in to and follow the 6 steps below

1. Choose 'Users' Tab

2. Click 'Create User'

3. Fill in all Basic User Information as below (First Name, Last Name, Registration Email, Preferred Email [only if they have a second email], Role [User], Class [for Students], Department [for Staff/Faculty], On/Off Campus, Building, User Type).

4. Choose Broadcast types the user would like to receive (Text, Email), then see Step 5 for the mobile number entry.

5. Click on the + sign under mobile one (above) and enter the user's mobile phone number (below), then click Next.

6. You will see the Mobile carrier come up if the number is a correctly entered mobile number. Click 'Finish' on this page and then 'Save' as shown in Step 4.


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