Wireless Speed Testing


Problem: I want to test the performance of the wireless network but http://speedtest.net isn't completing or shows slow performance.

Solution: Use Ruckus SpeedFlex to test wireless network performance.

When an internet based speed tester is used, like speedtest.net, the device being tested will try to go as fast as possible. That's normal behavior, but a red flag when there's a bandwidth shaping device on the wire. The shaper will see a device trying to go out to the internet at a very fast speed, and in order to maintain a fair balance between all devices, speed will be reduced. Depending on how saturated the internet pipe is to begin with, the test can be drastically skewed or not complete at all.

The Ruckus SpeedFlex app is available from the Apple iOS App and Google Play stores. When the app is launched, it will display the IP address of the device in the upper right corner, the IP in the upper left is for the SpeedFlex server. In this case, that's the Ruckus controller. Tap the gear icon in the upper right and enter the IP address in the top field next the the antenna icon. Next choose the duration of the test (20 seconds is good), the direction of the test, and finally either TCP or UDP. UDP testing is geared for maximum throughput while TCP will show a more real world result. Tap Done then Start.

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