Creating Your First OneNote Notebook


Problem: How do I start using OneNote?

Solution: The steps below explain how to create your first OneNote notebook that’s tied to your Evangel account. These steps work regardless of your physical location and device you are using because we are using web interfaces.

Begin by going to your email online at Once there, click on the application icon in the upper left (circled in red in the image below).


Select OneDrive from the list (circled in red in the image below).


Once the page loads, you are viewing your Evangel OneDrive. This is where you can store files and decide who can view them. For our purposes, we will create a new folder and then a new OneNote file within.

Note: Before going further, if you are using a computer you use for work/school, you may want to sync your OneDrive account to the computer. Syncing allows you to access OneDrive like any other folder on your computer. That means you do not have to visit OneDrive on the web to view your files. To sync, click on the circle arrows (refer to the image below).

Let's continue by creating the new folder. Click on the drop down menu and select the top choice, “Folder.” Name the folder, e.g., “OneNote” (refer to the image below).

Click on your new folder to open it. Now we will create our OneNote notebook by going to the same “New” menu, but selecting OneNote this time (refer to the image below).

Name this new workbook based on what type of information it will contain, e.g., personal, class name, work, budget, vacation, etc. You now have an empty notebook ready for you. It is accessible online and by any device you want to use. It is also available for sharing if you choose to do so.

Currently, you are accessing your notebook with the web version of OneNote. The web version is a handy way to access your notes from a computer that is not yours or does not have the full version of OneNote installed. The web version is free for anyone to use and has a lot of functionality. This allows you to share your notes to those who do not have OneNote installed on their computers. They can still collaborate with you.

If you are on a computer with the full version of OneNote installed, you can click on the “OPEN IN ONENOTE” button along the top (see image below). By doing so, you connect your installed (full version) OneNote with your Evangel account. From now on, you can simply open the full OneNote program to use your new notebook (you do not have to navigate OneDrive to find your notebook). Further, when you create new notebooks from the full version of OneNote, your Evangel OneDrive appears as a storage option.

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