How to Add a Signature to Outlook


Problem: How do I create an email signature?

Resolution: Follow the steps below to add a signature to your Outlook emails.

1. On the Home tab, click New Email.

2. On the Message tab, click Signature > Signatures.

3. Click the New button and a prompt will appear asking you to provide a name for your signature. As you can see in the screenshot below, the name given is "EU."

4. Use the large text area below to create your new signature. If you want to use Evangel's email signature, open the Word document linked below. Upon opening it, copy and then paste the example signature in the large text area. Be sure to replace the example information with your own.

5. Under Choose default signature, in the E-mail account list, click an email account to associate with the signature. Then choose if you want your new signature to apply to new messages and your reply/forward messages. 


 Evangel Signature Template

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