How to Update an email Group or G Drive Folder Permissions


Problem: I need to update an email distribution group or permissions to a G drive folder

Resolution: If you are the manager of a group, you can use the webpage below to update your group

Go to to manage your group.

The following steps correspond to the image below and explain how to manage your group(s). 

1. The list of groups you mange is in the top drop-down menu. If you do not see a group that you should manage, contact the Helpdesk

2. After selecting a group, the current list of people appear (the blur in the image below is intentional). Click on a name and then the "Delete" button to remove the person.

3. To add new members, you can search by username, first name or last name. Be sure to click on the "Find" button.

4. The results of the search appear here. Click on the name you want then the "Add Users" button.

Note: If you are updating an email distribution group, it can take up to 3 hours for the update to finish.

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