How to use voicemail


Problem: What are the commands and options for my campus voicemail?

Resolution: The guide below explains Evangel's voicemail system.

1) When on campus, enter extension 6245 (MAIL) to access your voicemail.
If off campus, call 417-865-2815 and say "voicemail" or dial ext. 6245. The prompt will ask you to dial 9 followed by your extension. 

2) If you have a security code, the prompt will ask for it.

Main Menu

Task  Shortcut 
Check New Messages 4  
Leave Messages 5
Review Messages 6
Change Setup Options 7

Change Call Transfer, Message Delivery

7, 6

Change Security Code, Voice Mailbox Names

7, 7
Switch Personal Greetings 7, 4, 5


Message Playback Options

Slower 4
Faster 6
Backward 7
Pause 8
Forward 9
Exit  * 

Quick Message Actions

Task Shortcut
Repeat the Message 3, #
Save Message As New                 (New Messages Only) 3, 0
Check the Next Message 3, 6
Delete a Message 3, 7
Archive a Message 3, 7
Hear When the Message was Sent 3, 8
Redirect a Message 3, 9
Exit Quickly *


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