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Hello! We are excited you are pursuing your education with us at Evangel. Here is a list of things to know as a new student. 

Evangel Log-in Information

A username will be given sent to your personal email at the time of acceptance. Your username will be a combination of your last name and student ID number. Please take time to memorize this since it is so important to your success at Evangel.

When creating a password it is good practice to include a capital letter and a number for greater security. You password will be need to be changed every 180 days. An email will be sent when it is time to change your password.

Learn more about usernames and passwords troubleshooting.

When using computer labs, please remember to log off, this will help protect your information.

Campus WiFi

Evangel now provides WiFi in the residence halls. Personal WiFi routers are no longer necessary, in fact, their use is now prohibited as non-Evangel WiFi systems will interfere and degrade the experience of all wireless users. Students do not have to bring any special equipment to connect to Evangel's internet network. 

Residence Hall Rooms

In addition to WiFi connectivity, each room is equipped with 2 network ports and 1 phone jack. The top network port is for your gaming console, while the other network port is for general Internet. Phone service is available only by request; just submit a ticket on the Helpdesk. Phones are not provided.

Computer Labs

View a list of computer labs (including hours and software). All labs have Microsoft Office and printers.

Student Email

Your student email gives you access to a 50GB mailbox and is located at

Email related articles:

Important Web Services

Additional Benefits

Helpdesk Support:
We provide basic support for students to access email, and office products. We also give advice for solving other computer issues. 

Office 365: As a student you are given Office 365 for free that can be installed on your personal computer. This provides Microsoft Office Products including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and a 1TB of OneDrive storage. Follow these steps to get Office.


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