Ink is Not Adhering to the Print Job Correctly / Ink is Rubbing Off (Lexmark Printers)


Problem: The ink is coming off of the paper when I print something.

Resolution: Changing the the paper settings on your Lexmark printer may be the answer.

Whenever you are printing on any media other than plain paper, change the "Paper Type" properties for best results.

  1. Touch paper or tool icon on machine (settings). Press OK button.
  2. Highlight paper icon, may already be highlighted, press OK.
  3. Scroll to Paper Size/ Type, press OK
  4. Scroll to and highlight tray that is being used.
  5. Scroll to Tray Type and press OK.
  6. Scroll to type of paper that best describes what you're using, e.g., Rough Cotton or Heavy1, press OK button.

This changes the settings. You may want to change the settings back after your special print job. 

The above instructions are especially important for users who print "seasonal runs."

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