Scan to Email on Lexmark Printers


Problem: How do I use our Lexmark printer to scan documents and have them emailed?

Resolution: Follow the email setup steps below to scan documents which become an attachment.

1. Login to the Lexmark printer

2. Load your documents

3. Select the Email icon on the home screen on the printer


4. This setup page will appear

5. Fill out the information where:

  • Recipient(s): What email address you want to send the document to
  • Subject: Optional relevant subject your would like to add
  • Message: Optional message you would like to add
  • File Name: Optional name for the file
  • Original Size: The size of your document that you are scanning
  • Resolution: The higher the dpi the more quality and larger file size. 150dpi is the default
  • Color: Color or B/W scan options
  • Content: Quality of Scan
  • Darkness: Adjust Darkness
  • Send As: The file format you want the file in; PDF is the default choice
  • Page Setup: Optional settings for adjusting page setup.
  • Scan Preview: Will print a copy at your printer so you can verify it is correct

6. Click the "Send It" button

Note: The attachment cannot exceed 10MB. If your PDF is too large to send by email, you may use a USB drive.


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