Faxing Locations and How To


Problem: I am unable to fax from the new printers.

Resolution: To fax from a multi-functional printer/copier, you will need to follow the calling rules.

If the fax number is a local number, you will need to enter the fax number (excluding area code) with a 9 before it.

For example, if you want to fax 417-865-2815, dial 98652815 and press the fax button.

For long distance numbers you will need to enter a pause after the 9 and after the number (before your long distance code).

For example, to fax 972-555-5555, dial 9 follow by a pause. Then 1 (972) 555-5555 (pause) and your long distance code.  

The machine can print a fax confirmation sheet if you desire. 

If you have any issues sending a fax try the following.

  1. Verify the fax recipient number is correct
  2. Determine if the fax number is long distance or local
  3. Check copier screen for any errors

Faxing Locations

Location Room Ext. Printer Name
Seminary Development & Alumni AGTS 111 8775 AGTS - ALUM1
Seminary Enrollment AGTS 109 8764 AGTS - ENR1
Athletics Field House Ashcroft main 7959 AT3
Athletics Sports Information Ashcroft SID 7866 AT8
Library  Reference 7508 LabLibRef2
Crusader Dining Hall Crusader 116C 7259 CF1
Humanities Trask 312 G 8669 HU1
Music Office FA 105 7215 MU2
Student Union Wellness Center Student Union 106H 7869 WC1
Riggs Hall Business & Finance Riggs 309G 7868 BF1
Riggs Hall Enrollment Front Desk Riggs 202 7515 FA3
Riggs Hall Records & Registration Riggs 104 7804 RR1
Riggs Hall Student Financial Services Riggs 204 7557 BF6
Zimmerman Hall Adult & Graduate Studies ZM 201 8275 DC1
Zimmerman Hall Science & Technology ZM 312 8309 ST1
Seminary Student Development AGTS 204 268-1004 AGTS FCOPY
Theology Trask 214C   TH1
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