How to add fax confirmation notification For Lexmark machines


On your computer, click the Start Button, then in the search row type “Print Management,” open the program.

Select Print Server on the Left Box, then under the Action Menu, select “Add/Remove Servers.”

In the Add Server box type in “Print01”, then select “Add to List” Next Hit Ok.

Find the machine's 3-digit code in the list, and select it.

In the More Actions window on the right side, under Printers select “Show Extended View.”

On the bottom a new window appears select the “Printer Web Page” tab

Now you are in the printer’s settings web page

Select “Settings

Next select  “Fax Settings

Then select “Analog Fax Setup

Scroll to the bottom of the page until you find "Fax Log Settings."

Make sure Transmission Log is set to “Print Log” that will give you a confirmation that it was sent, Receive Error Log will need to be set to "Print on Error."

One finished scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and select “Submit”

Now your printer is setup for Fax Confirmation.

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