How to Connect to a Printer


Problem: How do I connect to a printer on campus?

Resolution: The steps below are for students, faculty, and staff using Windows 7. Learn how to connect to connect a printer with Windows 10.

You will need to add a printer(s) to each workstation you use. If you just received a new computer you can quickly add a printer using the steps below. 

1. Click on the start menu 


2. Select "Devices and Printers"

3. The "Devices and Printers" window will appear

4. Click "Add a printer" on the top bar

5. The "Add Printer" window will appear and select the second option, "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer"

6. Once the list finds all the printers you can click on the "Printer Name" column header to sort the list alphabetically (see below). Find your printer in the list and select it.

If you are unsure of your printer name, look directly on the printer for a label with a 3 digit code. That is your printers name. For example, IT1, WC2.

Click "Next" and the printer will install. 

7. Once the install is done, you will click next and then be asked if you want to print a test page. 

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