How to post syllabi to the faculty portal


Problem: How do I post my syllabi to the faculty portal?

Resolution: Below is a tutorial on how to post syllabi.

To have your syllabus linked under current courses, you need to log into the Faculty Portal and upload your syllabus. The syllabus needs to be a PDF - learn how to make PDFs

Note: It is advisable to clearly indicate the year and term at the top of your syllabus to avoid confusion.

Once the PDF is saved, go to the faculty portal and click "Picture Roster" (located near the top of the left menu). At the bottom of the Class Picture Roster page there should be a listing of current and upcoming classes you are teaching (read the note below if your class does not appear). A column labeled "Syllabi" appears for each class. If the class does not have a syllabus uploaded, a single link named "Add" appears. Click the "Add" link and another page will open asking for the PDF to upload. Click the "Browse" button and locate the PDF you saved and click "OK" then click "Submit."

Note: A syllabus cannot exceed 5mb.

After the upload, you will return to the Picture Roster page where you will now be able to replace or view your syllabus. Your syllabus will automatically appear on your bio page.

Note: If your class does not appear in the faculty portal, you need to contact Records and Registration (make sure you have the correct term selected at the top). They are responsible for tying classes to faculty. Once entered in the system, it automatically appears in the Faculty Portal. 

Note: If you have old syllabi linked off your bio page under the "Links" section (this was the old method of posting syllabi manually), you can edit your bio page and remove those links by clicking on the "edit links" link at the bottom of the bio edit page. A new window will open up and allow you to delete the links.

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