How to share documents with students


Problem: I want to share my documents with students.

Resolution: Below is a tutorial on how to share documents with students using the Faculty Portal.

You can upload multiple class documents for each of your classes. Class documents are available to your students via the Student Portal (see a screen shot below). These files must be PDFs and cannot exceed 30mb (try to keep the file size down). PDFs can be created from any Microsoft Office program (e.g. PowerPoint and Word). Read about creating a PDF

Screen shot of the main academic section in the student portal. Once a student clicks on the "Docs" link, the documents appear.

Once the PDF is saved, go to the Faculty Portal and click "Picture Roster" (located near the top of the left menu). At the bottom of the Class Picture Roster page there should be a listing of current and upcoming classes you are teaching (read the note below if your class does not appear). A column labeled "Documents" appears for each class. If the class does not have any documents uploaded, a single link named "Add" appears. Click the "Add" link and another page will open asking for the PDF to upload. Click the "Browse" button and locate the PDF you saved and click "OK." Then you need to give a title for the document by filling out the "Description" text box then click "Submit." Please be patient for the upload.

Note: A class document cannot exceed 30mb and class documents will be deleted a year after they are uploaded.

After the upload, you will return to the Picture Roster page where you will now be able to add more documents and view or delete existing documents. To view or delete existing documents, click on the "Edit" link in the "Documents" column. A popup box will appear next to the table that list all your current class documents allowing you to view or delete them. Note: you may have to scroll sideways to view the popup box. Refer to the image below.

Note: If your class does not appear in the faculty portal, you need to contact Records and Registration (make sure you have the correct term selected at the top). They are responsible for tying classes to faculty. Once entered in the system, it automatically appears in the Faculty Portal.

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