How to link web files to your bio page


Problem: I want to link to my web files from my bio page.

Resolution: Below is a tutorial on how to manage your web links within your bio page.

Using your U drive

Browse to your U drive like any other drive or folder on your computer. Double click on My Computer to open the My Computer window. Double click on your U drive, which will be displayed in the form of username on 'Vader\Staff' (U:). Where username is your username (last name and first letter of your first name). 

In your U drive, you will have five folders (Desktop, Favorites, My Documents, Templates and Web). The Web folder is the one we want to open. Anything you place in the Web folder is accessible via the Internet.

Let's say that you want to save a Word document in your web folder. Simply save the document in your web folder by using the 'save as' option in Word and it will be available for anyone to view.

Note: Do not move files to your web folder. You should copy or create files in the web folder.

Note: When placing files/folders in your web folder, do not use spaces or unusual characters in the name of the file/folders.

The generic web address to your Web folder on your U drive is, where username is your user name as explained above. To get to a specific file in your folder, you will have to include that file name in the web address. For example, if your Word document is saved asMyDocument.docx, then the web address to this file would be

If you wanted to organize your Web folder by using sub folders, you would have to include those folders in your web address. For example, would point to a file called image01.jpg in a sub folder called Examples.

Note: You can make available all type of files, such as pdf, gif, jpg and doc. Be sure your intended audience can view the file you post, e.g. if you post a Word document (.docs file) to your Web folder, a viewer needs to be using a computer that has Microsoft Word installed.

Creating a link on your bio page

Now that you have your file(s) in your Web folder on your U drive, you can create a link to it on your bio page. To do this, go to the bio edit page. At the bottom, is a link called Edit Links. Clicking on this link results in a new window popping up where you can enter your links.

Note: Be sure that you enter the entire link (including ""). Also be sure that your file is in the correct place in your Web folder and its name is the exact same name in the link.

Folder browsing option

You may find it helpful to create a sub folder in your web folder and allowing people to see everything in that folder. By doing this, you would only have to have one link on your bio page for several files. For example, let's say you are teaching a math class and you wish to have several documents available on the Web for your students. First, you would simply create a sub folder in your Web folder. Let's called this folder Math101. In this folder you place your various files you want to make available. The link you would enter in the text box under Link Address on the Edit Link page would be The next step would be to fill out a help desk item and ask that the folder browsing option be turned on for your Math101 folder in your Web folder.

To avoid having to fill out a help desk item for every sub folder you want to turn folder browsing on, you could ask to have the folder browsing option turned on for your entire Web folder. That decision is up to you, but note that anyone who goes to your web address ( will be able to view and copy all of your files in your Web folder. The image below shows you what a visitor to your website will see when you have the folder browsing option activated.


The next image below is what a visitor will see after clicking on the 2006 directory/folder link.


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