How to Manage Someone Else's Calendar and/or Mailbox


Problem: I want to be able to manage someone else's calendar and inbox.

Resolution: Below is a tutorial on how to setup delegate access and implement it.

Delegate access is typically used when an assistant will be managing the inbox and calendar of the person they are assisting. The delegate can reply to emails and meetings on behalf of the person as well as propose meetings and send emails. This guide covers setting up and using delegate access. 

1.1 Granting Delegate Access to your Inbox & Calendar (Performed by Calendar Owner)
The instructions in this section are carried out by the owner of the Outlook account and will allow an assistant to manage the owner's calendar and inbox.

1. Log in to the client version of Outlook.
2. Click the “File” tab.
3. Click “Info” from the left menu.
4. Click “Account Settings” then “Delegate Access”.
5. In the Delegates window, click the “Add” button.


6. In the Add Users window, type the name of the person you wish to make a delegate and click “Go”.
7. Click the delegate from the list and click “Add”.
8. Click “OK”.
The Delegate Permissions window should appear.

9. Select the permissions that you want to grant to your delegate and click "OK". 

10. If you want only your delegate to receive meeting request notifications, select "My delegates only

11. Click "OK"

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