Helpdesk Service Level Agreement



This Service Level Agreement (SLA) applies to university students and employees and covers Information Technology’s promised commitment to its customers concerning the Helpdesk.


To inform university students and employees what services and promises Information Technology offers to its customers concerning the Help Desk. This SLA also covers IT’s expectations of its customers to ensure speedy and accurate resolutions.


This SLA encompasses: (1) Help Desk’s commitment to excellence; (2) Help Desk’s major areas of responsibilities; (3) hours of operation; (4) how to contact the Help Desk; (5) promised response and resolution times; (6) customer responsibilities.

Help Desk’s Commitment to Excellence

The Help Desk will do the following to maintain a high level of quality customer service.

  • Seek customer feedback and act on the results
  • Fulfill this SLA with a minimum of 96% success rate
  • Decrease customer downtime and incidents
  • Apply current industry best practices
  • Major Areas of Responsibilities

The Help Desk provides support to all university students and employees who require assistance in the following areas. 
Note: Not everything is included. View our articles that outline the services we offer to students and services we offer to employees.

  • University email accounts
  • Internet access (e.g. connecting to wifi and slow website loading)
  • University purchased hardware (e.g. desktops, laptops, monitors, projectors, and printers)
  • Installation of university purchased hardware and software
  • Support for personal computers and devices is limited to:
    • Connecting to university Wi-Fi
    • Accessing university email and documents online
  • University email accounts
  • Remote access (VPN)
  • Network access and storage
  • Technology consultation
  • Telephone
  • Office moves - Please give us five business days advance notice
  • Printing and Duplicating
  • Student Information System (SIS) support

Hours of Operation

The Help Desk is open 7:30 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday – Friday during normal business days. Summer hours are typically 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

How to Contact the Help Desk

Promised Response and Resolution Times

Response and resolution times fit within the hours of 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Response Time: Measured from ticket submittal until the appropriate assigned tech replies for the first time. Note: The auto-generated confirmation email sent to the requester does not fulfill the response time requirement.

Resolution Time: Measured from ticket submittal until the issue is resolved*.

The table below provides examples of issues and promised times based on priority. Urgency and campus-wide impact determine the priority level.

Priority Example Response Time Within Resolution Time Within


Internet or SIS is down; technical issues halting time-sensitive work 

1 hours 4 hours


Technical issues that impeed time-sensitive work

4 hours

1 business day


Individual hardware or software support, network issues, account issues, and printing problems

1 business day

2 business days


Technology consultation, general questions, office moves

1 business day

5 business days

IT strives to uphold the above times for 96% of all Help Desk tickets.
*Resolution includes temporary fix or work-around solution.

Customer Responsibilities

Creating a Help Desk ticket starts a conversation with the goal of resolving an issue.

  • Provide detailed information regarding the issue. For example, include the web address or specific location of hardware (building, room number, location in room)
    Note: You can add details to your ticket anytime by using the link sent in the auto-generated email or logging in to the Help Desk portal and use the link "View My Requests."
  • Provide preferred contact method
  • Make every effort to be available to communicate with the tech.
    • When a tech requests information from you, your ticket will go into “pending” mode.
    • After 1 business day in pending mode, you will receive an email reminder.
    • After 2 business days in pending mode with no response, a final email will be sent to inform you that your ticket has been archived..
    • You can reply anytime, even after it has been archived, to keep the ticket active.
  • Make use of the Help Desk articles
  • Check the Help Desk portal for notifications


This policy will be reviewed and/or modified as necessary or by the next revision date. Ownership of this policy belongs to the Chief Information Officer.

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