Moving class documents to another class in the faculty portal


Problem: I want to move documents from one class to another.

Resolution: Below is a tutorial on how to move documents between classes on the faculty portal.

Via the faculty portal, you can move your existing class documents to another class. This is helpful for classes you teach regularly.

Note: These are documents that you have already uploaded in the faculty portal, not documents placed in our learning management system (e.g. Course Commons). Learn how to upload documents to a class.

To begin, go to the Faculty Portal and click on the left link “Your Courses.” Once there, click on the top link titled, “Document/Syllabus Management” (see the screen shot below).

On the Upload Management page, you will see your list of documents at the top and your list of syllabi below. The list of documents can be sorted by each column by clicking on the column titles (see the screen shot below).

To move a file, click on the “Edit” link for the document you want to move. You will be taken to the Edit Document page where you can change the description and move it to a different class. Current and upcoming classes that you are tied to populate the drop-down menu of classes (see the screen shot below). If you do not see your class, contact Records and Registration to make sure you are tied to the class.

edit document screen shot

Note: Documents have to be moved one at a time. We do not currently offer a way to transport all documents tied to one class to another.

Note: This is a move and not a copy. Once a document is moved, it is no longer available to the class it left. Further, if you have a document that is needed in more than one class at the same time, you will need to upload that document a second time. A document is only tied to one class at a time.

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