How to access files from home


Problem: I want to know how to access my files from home 

Resolution: You can access your files remotely via the Internet with Home Access Plus+ (HAP)

You can HAP by clicking on My Files in the top navigation bar of the Employee Portal.

Next you will need to login to Home Access Plus+ (HAP). Input your Evangel employee username and password, then select login.

Once logged in, select the tile labeled Documents. You now have access to the G Drive as well as your personal U Drive."

The online G Drive has access to all the same folders and files that you would have access to on your work computer that is accessing the G Drive.

To navigate through the HAP system be aware that a single left mouse click will bring up your edit options for the file or folder you selected.
double left click will open the folder or download the file.

Explanation of your U Drive four main folders

  • Desktop: Contains everything on your work computer’s desktop
  • Favorites: Contains your favorite links that you have saved in Internet Explorer
  • My Documents: Your My Documents folder
  • Web: Your web folder, which allows you to make files available to the world via the Web. 

HAP Details

We will begin by working in your “My Documents” folder. First select the U Drive, then open the folder My Documents, you will then see the contents of that folder. Sub folders are listed first, then followed by files. In the top right hand corner is the View settings. With view you can adjust how you want the folder and files to look inside your browser.

Creating a New Folder

To create a new folder, simply navigate to where you want the new folder to be, for this example we will use the My Documents folder. Select New Folder on the top left of the window, now a text bar will appear. Type in a name for the the new folder, then hit the Create button. Your new folder should now appear in your folder list.

Uploading Files

To upload a file, first navigate to the correct folder that you want the file to be saved in. Select the Upload button on the top left of the window. A popup box will now appear. Select the Choose Files button. Find the file(s) you want to upload, to select multiple files, press the Crtl button while selecting the multiple files. Select the Open button to insert your files into the upload box. Now select the Upload button to begin uploading the files. Once the files are finished uploading they should appear in the folder you originally selected.

Note: If you upload a file with the same name as an existing file, you will be prompted to overwrite the file. Select Ok if you want to replace the file, and Cancel if not. Also if you are using Internet Explorer your upload box may look different, and when you are uploading multiple files, you may have to select them separately.


The navagation bar on the left hand side of the window makes it easy to navigate through your drives. Under My Drives is all the drives you have access to. Select the drive you want to see and a list of all the sub folders will appear. If your looking for a specific file in a folder that may have a large amount of files in it, use the Search Bar and type in a keyword to help you find the file easier.


To rename a file or folder, simply right click on the file you wish to change. A popup box will now appear. Select theRename option, then type the new name in the text field, then press Enter.

Viewing Files

To view a file, simply double click on the file. A prompt will appear asking if you want to view or save the file or it may start downloading on its own. Once the file is saved or download it can be opened for viewing. Locate the file on your computer and open it.

Note: You are not opening the file located on your work machine, but the file was downloaded and opened on the machine you are using. Therefore, if you make changes and save it, you will need to upload it back into HAP.

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