AGTS and Evangel PowerPoint Templates


AGTS and Evangel templates are now available for use right in PowerPoint!

1. Open PowerPoint

2. In the templates browser, choose Personal and the 4 EU templates will be there: AGTS (Standard and Widescreen) and EU (Standard and Widescreen).



If you do not see the "Personal" tab as shown here or know you are currently using Office 2013, please contact the HelpDesk with your request that they update you to Office 2016, along with the Service Tag of your computer. 

The easiest way to find your Service Tag is by opening your Start Menu, right-clicking on "Computer", and then selecting "Properties" from the menu that drops down. The Service Tag for your machine will be listed by "Computer Name", and will be made up of a combination of letters and numbers. 

Include this in your request to the HelpDesk and we will work on getting you upgraded to Office 2016!

Contact the HelpDesk here.

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