SCAM Emails!


EMAIL from the CIO

I wanted to bring to your attention that phishing attempts (phishing is when someone sends an email “phishing” for information unethically) are growing in higher education and many look legitimate. Below is a link to a brief article on what these hackers are doing and how sophisticated they are becoming.

Key tips:

  • If you were not expecting a request you received in an email, please confirm with the sender using phone/text if possible BEFORE opening it.
  • Any email that seems suspicious, you should contact the EU helpdesk for review PRIOR to opening any link or file attachment.
  • With phishing, caution and patience is needed. Take the time to verify something you are not sure of.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact IT at or my office at 417.865.2815 x7485


Inside Higher Ed - Personalized Scam Emails on the Rise

Thank you for your diligence as we strive to be good stewards with our resources.


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